E-MAIL: jchengalath@gmail.com

MOBILE: +91 9910 309 768

My name is Janaki but most people just call me Jay. I'm a recent graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth in the United Kingdom. I'm currently seeking any experience or employment opportunities.

I would like to think that my approach towards work is directly influenced by my nomadic lifestyle; I like to work around things in a considered and whole-rounded manner.

My core values include creating a stronger sense of community, informing the public for greater good and propagating change. That is why a lot of my projects revolve around bettering social and environmental topics. My end goal is to radicalise our perception towards sustainability and inspire people so that they can make their own considered decisions.

I'm always open to learning more about the world and new things, so I wouldn't like to solely label myself as a graphic designer (although it is my forté). I'd like to be thought of as a creative thinker.

I have an insatiable desire for travel, I dabble in the field of photography, love music and have recently become increasingly passionate about art direction, slacklining and surf culture.

If you're interested to know more don't hesitate to drop me a message at jchengalath@gmail.com

Or we could just grab a nice cup of *insert beverage of choice* and have a chat about whatever tickles your fancy.